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About Think Tank IPODE

Par Fred
Ipode is a think tank progressiste, independent and Pan-African which produces and distributes solutions of innovative policies in Senegal and in the rest of Africa.

Ipode is designed to make proposals, producing expertise, animate the public debate, developing methods in all areas of public policy and participate the reorganization of progressive and humanistic ideas.

Our Goals


Ipode is designed to produce the expertise and assist decision-makers in implementing policy solutions public proposed: the Think Thank formulates concreted propositions in favor of political leaders, national politicians, local elected representatives, private decision makers and all those who are implementing public policies. Ipode accompanies if necessary to the implementation of solutions.

To participate 

Participate in the emergence of progressive ideas and act for the promotion of its ideals. To get there, ipode counts participate to the reconstruction and the emergence of progressive ideas with its Pan-African contribution. 


Register or Inscribe its action in an African and international think progressive thanks network. There are partnerships with Think tanks and emerging countries around the world such as the BRIC and the Maghreb to pool together our methods and development solutions.

Who we are


Founding members are persons who participated at the creation of Think Tank Innovation policies and democratic, type law 1901 association. They are gathered in the General Assembly of the Think Tank.

The permanents are in support of our network of contributors, compounds of several volunteers. An in-house team ensures the day-to-day functioning of the Think Tank, monitoring, ensuring the consistency and the valorization of the reflections undertaken, the development of new projects under the direction of the president and Executive Director.

The permanents work in Dakar. They provide the Organization, administration, promotion and accounting of the Think Tank in collaboration with the direction.
The Office of the permanents

Ethic committee
The Ethics Committee’s mission is to ensure that the activities and operation of the Think tank are consistent with fundamental ethical rules and regulations of the ethics Charter. It may be appointed by the Board of Directors, management, other instances of the Think tank and more generally by all contributors to the Think Tank.
It can also appoint itself and alert one or more of the other instances of the Think Tank. Once a year, reports to the Board of Directors of the main observations made during the year and, where appropriate, issues that it considers necessary to clarify. Chairman of the Committee Ethics:


The direction of the Think Tank innovation policies and democratic is under the supervision of personalities from the world of ideas, of the University of business, administration and Diaspora.
Management determines the political Executive of the Think Tank and takes the necessary decisions to its implementation.

Board of  Directors. The members Board of Directors of the Think Tank are, a president, an Executive Director, a Scientific Director and his Deputy, editorial director and his Deputy, a Treasurer and directors advisors.


The collective of contributors regroups several reputed personalities and experts, from the world of business, public service, research or community environments, and specialties of public policies. The collective works under the direction of the Director General and the members of the Scientific Committee. This collective accounts of driven intellectuals from around the world, ready to use their expertise and skills at the disposal of the emerging Africa. The issues, on which the members of the collective will focus, are divided by topics covering almost all of the field of public policy.

Our partnerships 

The affiliated Clubs: in the context of its policy of creation and spreading ideas, the Think Tank iPode seeks to develop a citizen movement. In this perspective, it acquires a network of affiliated movements. In order to spread the ideas of the Think Tank, it must passes through direct contact with policy makers, an active presence in the media. It passes also through wide citizen awareness and within this framework the movements’ affiliates will be widely solicited. IPode believes in participatory democracy: it wants to make possible a citizen co-production by ensuring the participation of all of its members and, more broadly, of all citizens who wish to contribute with the development of ideas. For these two reasons, politic of awareness and co-production, the Think Tank wants to strengthen and the building of a strong citizen movement for an informed opinion.

 The Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee or COS is responsible for the scientific quality of the work of the Think Tank. Its members provide capacity for reflection and intellectual innovations. The COS gives a notice and a determined work indicator, the general policy, feeds its reflection, action and innovation capacity. The Scientific Committee is a dynamic in constant evolution and has great flexibility of action. Collectively, the COS, gathered in biannual session, gave an opinion on the work program of the Think and makes any proposal relating to that. The members of the Scientific Committee:

On an individual basis, the COS members participate in their areas of competence, to the activities of iPode. Any member of the COS may be called to run a work group, issuing a roadmap for a responsible of working group and validate any document for publication. Each Member of the COS can represent iPode at symposiums, conferences or seminars around the world, as well as in the media. The Scientific Committee is composed of a Director and a Deputy Director and its members.

The Blog

 Articles published in this blog will engage the responsibility of their authors. This blog is a space that iPode dedicates to its friends and partners to enable them to express themselves freely. IPode does not include liability in the notices which are diffused. Publications of the think Tank will be located under the rubric «publications » of the site. And that rubric « Publication » section will be composed of « notes » « articles » « videos » or « folders »